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Country Jam

Work at Country Jam 2018

Get valuable assessment hours

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Below is the link to the "Real Time" schedule that will auto-update as requests come in.  Please be aware that all TIMES ARE TENTATIVE and could change as we get closer. I will do my very best to get you what you want, and I THANK YOU ALL in advance for the patience, hard work and dedication you've shown and will show for CYHA and the kids!!

Check back frequently as information will be added and updated as it becomes available.

Work requests can be emailed to

THANKS AGAIN!  I am looking forward to a great event!

~Erin Lorberter - YOUR Country Jam Coordinator

What Does the Below Spreadsheet Show?

Click on the link below to view the schedule.  Each bar and the Beer Carts have their own tab at the bottom of the sheet.  Scroll down to see all positions and times available in each bar.

Bartenders:  Will be mixing drinks and handing out beer with a POS (Point of Sale - iPads) person next to them. If you want to be with another person, sign up as a bartender and POS in the same shift time. 

POS: Will be charging people for what they order from the bartender on iPads.  This is a cashless system this year.  AND ALL TIPS GO TO CYHA! 

Beer Bobbers:  Will be pulling beer from the coolers to hand to the bartenders and expedite the order fulfillment process.

Bar Backs: Will be stocking coolers and liquor for the bartenders, general running. 

Notice that the Beer Carts from 7pm-midnight have not been signed up for at all right now.  If you have groups of two people (one to hand out beer from the cart and one to charge the iPads) this is a great spot!

NOTE: Early Day Shifts Taken

Jam has greatly decreased the number of early day shifts they require, as they were not needed.  Please notice on the schedule that there were/are not many shifts that end at 6pm.  The shifts are staggered to accommodate the crowds.  4-10pm shifts and 5-11pm shifts will still allow you to come in early and stay after to fully enjoy the day!  

Of course the 6pm-close positions will always be the hardest to fill.  If you really want to help out, please consider these positions. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Not Working? Want to help raise money just by going to Jam?

Jam is offering a ticket discount to CYHA! 

AND for every ticket bought with the discount promo code, they are giving $5 back to CYHA!! 

Country Jam's generosity is just amazing!  Purchase a 3-day General Admission Ticket on Country Jam's Website and enter promo code CYHA to receive $10.00 off and send a $5.00 rebate back to the Association!