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Bantam B/C

Bantam B/C Tournament


CYHA Covid-19 Policy

Please review and familiarize yourself with our Covid-19 Policy

Chippewa Youth Hockey Association Tournament Format


  1. All CYHA Tournaments are governed by USA Hockey Official Rules of Play, except as follows:

    • The Tournament Director shall be in charge of all matters pertaining to conducting games, including, but not limited to, the conduct of spectators and shall act as the final arbitrator for all disputes or protests.

    • The decision of on ice officials is final. We adhere to the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy.

  2. USA Certified rosters must be submitted to the tournament director prior to the start of the tournament.

  3. Tournament Pairings: Tournament pairings will be random with consideration given to teams playing in the same league/area. Normally, we try to have teams from the same league/area in opposite brackets.

  4. The top team listed in the pairings for the game will be the ‘home’ team. The home team will wear its light colored jersey.

  5. Period Lengths and Ice Resurfacing:

    • Squirt / Girls U10 - 5 Minute warm-up prior to each game. 12-minute stop-time periods with a resurface after each game. 

    • Peewee / Girls U12 - 5 Minute warm-up prior to each game. 15-minute stop-time periods with a resurface after each game. *Joint tournaments will follow the senior level team resurface schedule.*

    • Bantam / Girls U14 - 5 Minute warm-up prior to each game. 15-minute stop-time periods with a resurface every 2 periods.

  6. Running time will be in effect whenever a team has a six (6) or more goal lead. While the game is in running time, the referee shall have the authority to order the clock to be stopped. The clock shall be stopped when a goal is scored, to assess a penalty, for injuries, or for unanticipated emergencies. Once the clock is stopped, it will be restarted upon completion of the ensuing face off.

  7. Each team will be allowed one 1 minute time-out per game.

  8. During Bracketed tournaments, there are no tie games. All tied bracketed games will go to overtime.


Bracket Play Overtime Format:

  • Two-Minute break between regulation and any overtime periods

  • One 4 on 4, six-minute sudden death overtime, first team to score will win

  • One four-man shootout involving the four remaining players on the ice at the end of the overtime period.

  • A coin flip will determine which team starts the shootout.

  • If after 4 players still tied:

    • Match play shootout involving the remaining players on the bench

    • Coaches will arrange their shooters in any order

    • Teams will alternate leading off

    • Shootout will continue until there is a winner.


Locker Rooms

Locker Room Policy

Teams are allowed the use of locker rooms for 15 minutes prior to game time. Facemasks must be work at all times while in the arena, including on the ice. If your skater can not fully dress within 15 minutes, have them arrive partially dressed.

Upon completion of the game, teams have 15 minutes to undress and exit the facility. We ask each team to have the coach / locker room monitor spray down all benches and door handles with the supplied sanitizer once your players have exited.

Teams entering the facility early will be asked to exit until the proper time. Habitual offenders will lose their locker room privileges and will need to arrive fully dressed at game time.

Locker Room Assignments

Time Rink Home Team Locker Room Away Team Locker Room
8:00 AM South Chippewa 5 Washington Cty 2
8:30 AM North Elmbrook D Ames B
9:30 AM South New Richmond 6 Polar Caps 3
10:00 AM North Fond du Lac E Waunakee C
11:00 AM South Fox Valley 4 Ozaukee B 2
11:30 AM North Monroe D Ozaukee C B
12:30 PM South Madison Patriots 6 Shawano 3
1:00 PM North Waukesha E Iowa City C
2:30 PM South   4   2
3:30 PM North   D   B
4:00 PM South   6   3
5:00 PM North   E   C
5:30 PM South   4   2
6:30 PM North   D   B
7:00 PM South   6   3
8:00 PM North   E   C
8:00 AM South   4   2
8:30 AM North   D   B
10:00 AM South   6   3
10:30 AM North   E   C
12:00 PM South   4   2
12:30 PM North   D   B
2:00 PM South   6   3
2:30 PM North   E   C


Tournament Sponsors

A special THANK YOU to all of our generous tournament sponsors!