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Country Jam

Countdown to The Big Bash


Schedule Opens Tuesday May 28th For Larger Groups (6 -8 people)

Country Jam has a new set of owners and an exciting new future outlook!  They have contracted with Cowboy Jack's to manage the Food and Beverage.  This year we will be in charge of Food Prep and Service.

This is a preliminary look at what we are ramping up for.  Things can and will change.  Stay tuned for the true schedule to be posted when I receive notification that we are ready to start scheduling. 

Best news of all.... THE SKATERS CAN WORK FOR THEIR OWN ASSESSMENT HOURS!  Did I just make your day or what??  Because we are not dealing with alcohol, your skater can work. The only rules are 1.) They must be with a parent. 2.) They cannot take money. 3.) They must be mature and responsible enough to work independently along side you (suggested 2008 birth year or older).

Types of work are as follows:

TUESDAY: Set Up Helpers: 10am-5pm getting things set up and ready for Jam.

WEDNESDAY: 2pm - Food Prep and Serving for their pre-party


Food Prep: Behind the scenes, assembling and wrapping all the food as it comes off the grill. Shifts are 9am-5pm and 5pm-11pm.  10 people per shift

Food Booths: Serving the public out on the grounds.  Shifts will be from 10am-5pm and 5pm-11pm. They will have several booths that will act as fast food restaurants with Burgers, Brats, Burritos, and other signature fare.  8 people per shift in each booth.  4 taking orders and money, 4 bringing the food up to the order taker (think McDonalds-type line).

Corn on the Cob Stand: Serving and taking money.  Shifts are 10am-5pm and 5pm-11pm.  4 people per shift.

Kettle Corn Stand: Making, serving and taking money. Shifts are 10am-5pm and 5pm-11pm. 4 people per shift.



Maps and Information

Updated MAP and FAQ Document Coming Soon!

How do I log my assessment hours?

1. Visit

2. On the homepage click on the blue button on the right that says "Hockey Goes On...because of you! Submit your hours today!"  OR just click on the link below:

3. Fill in the form completely with your name and all the names of the people who worked for you, and all of the hours you worked.

4. Assessment hours go towards your OLDEST skater (if you have multiple). Please but your oldest's name at the bottom.