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Country Jam

Count Down to the Running of the Bulls



Jam definitely missed us!

For 2020 CYHA will be back to facilitating and operating the General Admission Bars.  They are taking a great deal of our suggestions to heart and working with us to be the exclusive beverage handlers on the fest grounds. 

With this great level of trust from Jam comes great responsibility on us.  We will be looking for the best Bar Managers and the best crews that we can organize to ensure that this fundraiser is one to put in the record books. 

No more Management Company to go through, no more RFID Wristbands to skirt our tips, no more FOOD SERVICE and no more micro-management.  We will be able to raise a lot of money for our rink and have a ton of fun doing it!

Who's with me???

Stay tuned for more information on this.  And reach out to to voice your interest in working this year's Country Jam!


Consider Managing a Bar

It's easy and a lot of fun.  Preferably all 3 days would be best.  Management experience is a plus.  Must obtain Town of Union Operator's License (a $12.50 -  4 hour online course and application) which will be reimbursed to you by the Association.  You don't have to bartend or haul beer cases, you just have to make sure your bar runs smoothly.  And, your friends/family will be scheduled in with you.  First access to shifts!


1.  Look at the schedule (link below) and decide when you and all your friends would like to work.

2. Email and tell us when you would like to work, names and t-shirt sizes.

3. Check the schedule after your confirmation email to make sure you are scheduled for your desired shift.

2020 Country Jam Schedule

Click here for the live spreadsheet. Email to sign up


Above is a link to the live google spreadsheet that houses the Schedule for Country Jam 2020.  You will notice that each day is separated by a tab at the bottom. 

Some details:  Park Ridge Distributing is the vendor and Samuel Adams (Budweiser) is the sponsor.  We will be serving different types of Sam Adams and Bud products as well as Truly and Twisted Tea.  Since non-beer, canned products are going to be so prevalent this year, we have decided to call it "Things In Cans" or "TICs" for short.  Shifts are limited. Quality and speed will be important.  Please note: *IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP AS A BARTENDER, YOU SHOULD HAVE BARTENDING EXPERIENCE OR KNOW HOW TO MIX DRINKS WELL*

Positions:  Bartenders will be mixing and serving drinks.  Beer Servers will only be dealing with TICs.  Beer Backs and Bar Backs will be helping to restock and pull from the trucks. Patrons will pay with tickets.  1 ticket = $1. So, if a Beer is $7, you will collect 7 tickets from the Patron. 


There are 6 bars.  3 of them are full service and 3 of them are limited.

1. Main Gate Bar - Full service Bar. Serving everything from mixed drinks to batch drinks and TICs. 

2. Truly Bar (formerly Miller Lite Party Zone on the hill) - Full service Bar. Serving everything from mixed drinks to batch drinks and TICs. 

3. Tito's Tiki Bar - Serving different types of Tito's mixed drinks with Redbull and TICs.  

4. Sailor Jerry's Bar (formerly Leinie Lodge) - Full service Bar. Serving everything from mixed drinks to batch drinks and TICs. 

5. Paulina Bar (The Grassy Knoll - located behind the Garden Deck) - Limited service Bar serving TICs with the Twisted Tea RV.

6. Center Mix (located behind the sound booth mid stage) - Limited service Bar serving TICs, water and soda. 


How do I log my assessment hours?

1. Visit

2. On the homepage click on the blue button on the right that says "Hockey Goes On...because of you! Submit your hours today!"  OR just click on the link below:

3. Fill in the form completely with your name and all the names of the people who worked for you, and all of the hours you worked.

4. Assessment hours go towards your OLDEST skater (if you have multiple). Please put your oldest's name at the bottom. 

Maps and Information

Updated MAP and FAQ Document Coming Soon!