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Bob Normand

Co-Head Coach

Phone: 715-456-1316

Kevin Cohoon

Co-Head Coach

Tom Hubbard

Assistant Coach

Chuck Hubbard

Assistant Coach

Cassie Tester

Team Rep/Manager

Phone: 715-214-4193

Heather Johnson

Team Rep/Manager

Phone: 715-497-9127

Jenny Glenz

Team Rep/Manager

Phone: 715-577-9893


Thank you to everyone that worked Bingo on Dec. 4.   Please remember that by working Bingo it helps pay for an away tournament.  Without parents volunteering for this, we as parents would be paying for these tournaments on top of the fees we already pay.  Our next date will be Oct. 7.

Oct. 7, 2020


Eagles Club - Lake Hallie

Bring 2 dozen bars/cookies to sell

Lien                                   Casas

J. Johnson                          C. Johnson

Murawski                            Teig

Hoyt                                  Greene