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CYHA Registration Page

Welcome to the 2018-2019 CYHA registration page.  We've tried to pull all of the information you'll need for registration in to one page!

The Chippewa Youth Hockey Association has purchased a program to allow us register online. For the 2018-2019 season we will be using this program to pre-register skaters in both youth hockey and figure skating. Pre-registering will allow us to add family and player information to the database. You will still need to attend registration to pick up your fundraising materials and pay if you elect to not pay online.

If you don't already have one, you will need to create a login based on your email address, enter information for yourself/family and enter information for each of your skaters. Once that is done you will be able to go through the registration process.


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Online Payment & Registration Issues

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Work Assessment Questions

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Player Development/Coaching Questions

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Association Related Questions

Steps to Register for Players and Coaches

  1. Click here to Register with USA Hockey.  
    1. Select “Ice Players & Coaches”
    2. Click on “Register Now” and follow the steps.
    3. Please note: This fee is in addition to the registration fees listed below. You will need the confirmation number to be able to register each skater in the subsequent steps.  
    4. If you've already registered for USA Hockey for the upcoming season and cannot locate the USA Hockey Number, you can retrieve it by clicking here.
  2. Go to the Online Registration page.
    1. As most have an account, click on Login in the upper right corner and then click Forgot Password.  Enter your email address and click submit.
      1. If an email address is found, you will receive a new password link at the email address entered. Follow the steps to reset your password.
      2. If no account is found, click Create Account and follow the steps indicated.
        1. Enter your information to setup your family account. Note the red asterisk by the required information. Do not hit Submit until you have added your Family Members.
        2. Select “Add Member” to enter the information for each of your skaters. You can also add your spouse, significant other, or any other members of your family at this time.
        3. Once complete hit Submit. You are now ready to login and register. Note that once you login you can edit any of the information submitted if it changes.
  3. Register for the season.
    1. To register your skaters select Registration on the upper left side of the page. Select the level for your skater. Note you must select the age level your skater is eligible for based on their age. If you are unsure which level to register your skater at, please email
    2. Click on Waitlist to the left of the activity name.
    3. Review the fees and Additional Information section which includes the code of conduct and Try-Out/Placement Process.
    4. Select your skater’s name under “Name of Registrant” and hit “Add To Cart”.
    5. Enter the skater's USA Hockey Number (for hockey players and coaches only).
    6. Click Add to Cart.
    7. Click on “Continue Shopping”.
    8. If you have additional skaters, repeat the above steps until all skaters are registered.
    9. Once you have all of your skaters registered you need to register your family. Under the Registration list you will see “Multi Child” and “Single Child” Family Registrations. Select the appropriate one and click Waitlist to the left of the activity name.
    10. Review the fees and the Additional Information section.
    11. Select your name as the Registrant.
    12. Indicate if you'll be paying in full or on the payment schedule (Pizza Coupons November 1, Calendars December 1, and Beerfest March 1).
    13. Indicate that you agree to the code of conduct and Try-Out/ Placement Process forms (this is for both you and any skaters you've registered).
    14. Click Add to Cart.
  4. You are now ready to Check Out.
    1. Select Check Out and then Continue and wait until you receive the Order Complete screen. NOTE: Fees will all show up as $0.00 online initially as they need to be reviewed based on the skater's/family's situation. 
    2. Once the registration is received, it will be reviewed, fees will be updated (including fees or discounts for work assessment if applicable) and approved.
    3. You will receive a confirmation of the registration via email.
    4. Once you receive the confirmation, you can log back in to the registration site and login.
    5. Once you've logged in, you will see a "Balance" link at the top right listing the amount due.
    6. You can then elect to pay online using Paypal or a credit/debit card by clicking on the Balance link, selecting "Make a Payment" and then clicking Add to Cart.
    7. Review the payment amount and click Checkout and follow the Paypal prompts.
    8. If you do not wish to pay online, you can pay in person using cash, check, debit, or credit card. 
    9. You can now log out.
  5. Review the job board at the bottom of this page and determine out where you'd like to volunteer this year
  6. Come to the South Rink on Tuesday, September 11th and Thursday, September 13th from 6:30-8:00 PM to pick up your fundraising materials and pay any outstanding balances.

Documents for Registration

Below are all of the documents you will need to review prior to registration

Looking for a way to complete your work assessment hours? Check out the opportunities below.

To apply for any of the available positions below for the 2018-2019 season, please indicate your interest in the position by emailing the contact person listed for that activity.

Job Job Description Hours Available Contact Status
Skate Sharpening Work in Pro Shop sharpening skates. Must be available at least one night per week and your skater's home tournament. Up to 50 Available
Tournament Committee Member Members of the committee will help proivde resources for each home tournament. This includes collecting raffle prizes, setting up templates for slide shows and programs, and help team rep coordinate a well run tournament. Up to 30 Filled
Clothing Order Coordinator Coordinate CYHA clothing order including coordinating viewing sample clothing, ordering, and distribution of orders. Up to 30 Filled
Calendar Coordinator Coordinate printing and distribution of calendars during registration. Enter events in calendar and track calendar stubs throughout season. Up to 30 Filled
Team Picture Coordinator Contact photographer and set up three nights for team pictures. Up to 15 Filled
Team Rep Liason Meet with team parents and managers after teams are formed to explain duties, arrange trainings, and be avaialble for questions. Up to 20 Available
Communication Rep Coordinate communication with CYHA familes via website, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Up to 30 Filled
Zamboni Drivers After training, run Zamboni after games and practices and as needed for tournaments. Up to 65 Available
Registrar Set up and oversee registration, USA Hockey registration, and team rosters. Up to 50 Filled
Maintenance Committee Help maintain the ice area including the outdoor rink. Up to 65 Available
Beer Fest Committee Help coordinate and run Beer Fest. Up to 30 Available
GOAL Program Coordinate the GOAL program including advertising, coordination during the event, fitting equipment, etc. Up to 30 Filled
Country Jam Coordinator Help coordinate events or fill shifts selling food & beverage tickets or serving beer or liquor. Up to 65 Filled
Concessions Committee Assist with the operations of the concession area including opening, closing, ordering, making deposits, etc. Up to 65 Available
Work Assessment Coordinator Keeps record of all work assessment hours and reports monthly on the status of hours. Up to 30 Filled