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Squirt A Tournament

Squirt A Tournament


CYHA Covid-19 Policy

Please review and familiarize yourself with our Covid-19 Policy

Locker Rooms

Locker Room Policy

Teams are allowed the use of locker rooms for 15 minutes prior to game time. Facemasks must be work at all times while in the arena, including on the ice. If your skater can not fully dress within 15 minutes, have them arrive partially dressed.

Upon completion of the game, teams have 15 minutes to undress and exit the facility. We ask each team to have the coach / locker room monitor spray down all benches and door handles with the supplied sanitizer once your players have exited.

Teams entering the facility early will be asked to exit until the proper time. Habitual offenders will lose their locker room privileges and will need to arrive fully dressed at game time.

Locker Room Assignments*

* A dedicated GIRLS locker room is available if needed. It is locker room A located in the North Rink and will be shared amongst teams.

Game Time Rink Home Team Locker Room Away Team Locker Room
6:00 PM North Chippewa F West Madison B
7:15 PM


Eau Claire E Green Bay C
8:00 AM South River Falls 4

De Pere

8:30 AM North Stevens Point D Sheboygan B
9:15 AM South Arrowhead 5 Onalaska 3
9:45 AM North Hudson E Washington Cty C
10:30 AM South Menomonie 4 Waukesha 2
11:00 AM North Kenosha D Madison Patriots B
11:45 AM South Eau Claire 5   3
12:15 PM North West Madison E   C
1:00 PM South Green Bay 4   2
1:30 PM North Chippewa Falls B   D
2:15 PM South   5   3
2:45 PM North   E   C
3:30 PM South   4   2
4:00 PM North   B   D
4:45 PM South   5   3
5:15 PM North   E   C
6:00 PM South   4   2
6:30 PM North   B   D
8:00 AM South   5   3
8:30 AM North   E   C
9:30 AM South   4   2
10:00 AM North   B   D
11:00 AM South   5   3
11:30 AM North   E   C
12:45 PM South   4   2
1:00 PM North   B   D



  • Top team is home team and wears light jersey
  • Bracket Play Overtime Rules:
    • Two minute break between regulation and overtime
    • There will be One 4:4 six minute sudden victory overtime period. First team to score wins.
    • If a tie remains, One 4-man shoot-out with the last 4 players on the ice after the overtime period.
    • A coin flip determines which team starts shootout.
    • If a tie remains, match play shootout involving the remaining players on the bench. 
      • Coaches will arrange players in any order
      • Teams will alternate leading off
      • Shootout will continue until there is a winner.

Tournament Sponsors

A special THANK YOU to all of our generous tournament sponsors!