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Welcome to the Chippewa Youth Hockey Association (CYHA), home of the Chippewa Thunder! Our mission is to provide the youth of Chippewa County with quality programs for ice skating related activities. We support teamwork and cooperation through mutual respect, sharing of skills, knowledge and responsibilities.

Summer Skills is open to anyone!

Edges Coach


Rita Fehr is a 3-time US Figure skating Gold medalist in Moves in the Field, Freestyle and Pairs. Rita has also worked with the Chippewa Steel hockey team for two years on Edge work.

Training with Team USA coaches and International level coaches helped her become a US National Competitor,3-time Sectional competitor in Pairs as well as a Sectional Competitor in Singles.These experiences have helped shape her desire to help every athlete reach their short and long term goals.


Every Wednesday night at 7pm. Doors open at 6pm.

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Sully’s Stick Fix was born on a mission to answer an unmet service to the Chippewa Valley.  Industry standard for the warranty of an expensive carbon fiber hockey stick is 30 days.  On day 31, you are on your own.  Those broken sticks were either headed to the landfill or repurposed for hockey novelty items.  I knew there was a way to give hockey athletes new life to their beloved sticks, that have been a tool to their success.  At Sully’s Stick Fix, I am here to help you keep your stick on the ice.

When I remove the broken shaft section, I need to compensate for the lost shaft length by installing an end plug.  A basic shaft repair includes a wood plug for $40.  If a carbon fiber end plug is requested the total repair cost is $55.

Sani Sport Solutions

The Sani Sport cleansing process is a simple one, the entirety of which takes six-teen minutes. After placing the gear into the machine, ozone and air circulate throughout the chamber. This is then followed by an automated spray which helps protect the equipment and eliminate any residual ozone left behind. No water or chemicals are contained in the treatment. Our process removes harmful bacteria and odors while not compromising the quality of the sporting equipment. The bacteria and odors caused by perspiration are significantly reduced from the sports gear with the 16 minute Sani Sport process.

Cost is $35 per set of gear and $ 50 for Goalie gear.

Contact Tony Pilgrim at Sani Sport Solutions for more information. 

715-559-8744 or

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