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Welcome to the Chippewa Youth Hockey Association (CYHA), home of the Chippewa Thunder! Our mission is to provide the youth of Chippewa County with quality programs for ice skating related activities. We support teamwork and cooperation through mutual respect, sharing of skills, knowledge and responsibilities.

Tryout & Preseason Ice Schedule

Tryout dates and times:

  • 10/29 - 6pm till 7pm North rink
  • 10/30 - 9am till 10am North rink
  • 10/31 - 9am till 10am North rink
  • 10/29 - 715pm till 815pm North rink
  • 10/30 - 1015am till 1115am North rink
  • 10/31 - 1015am till 1115am North rink
  • 10/25 - 745pm till 845pm North rink
  • 10/26 - 745pm till 845pm North rink

Open hockey has started. Below are the upcoming schedule times.

Squirt Skills:
  • Oct 19th - 600pm North rink
  • Oct 21st - 600pm North rink
  • Oct 26th - 600pm North rink
  • Oct 28th - 600pm North rink
Peewee Skills:
  • October 19th - 715pm North rink
  • October 21st - 545pm South rink
  • October 25th - 545pm South rink
  • October 26th - 545pm South rink
Bantam Skills:
  • October 18th - 815pm South rink
  • October 19th - 830pm North rink
  • October 21st - 815pm South rink
Girls Skills:
  • October 20th - 700pm South rink
  • October 21st - 700pm South rink

Sani Sport Solutions

The Sani Sport cleansing process is a simple one, the entirety of which takes six-teen minutes. After placing the gear into the machine, ozone and air circulate throughout the chamber. This is then followed by an automated spray which helps protect the equipment and eliminate any residual ozone left behind. No water or chemicals are contained in the treatment. Our process removes harmful bacteria and odors while not compromising the quality of the sporting equipment. The bacteria and odors caused by perspiration are significantly reduced from the sports gear with the 16 minute Sani Sport process.

Cost is $35 per set of gear and $ 50 for Goalie gear.

Contact Tony Pilgrim at Sani Sport Solutions for more information. 

715-559-8744 or

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