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Work Assessment


The 2020/2021 Season tab on the Work Assessment spreadsheet has been updated with submissions through 3/13/2021.

In order to get credit for work assessment, you must submit your hours online by clicking on the homepage upper right side blue square icon that says:

'Hockey Goes On...because of you. Submit your hours today!'

and fully fill out the form (Note: watch out for auto-fill as it can accidentally fill in form incorrectly with your address instead of name).


Do not assume that someone else will submit your hours for you...always submit your own hours unless explicitly told someone is submitting on your behalf. 

Hours Categories listed in the purple highlighted columns will carry over once you have met your required hours. 

Hours that are not worked (any hours in red font of column 'W' in the spreadsheet) will require payment ($15/hr not worked).

Beth Hanutke

Work Assessment Coordinator