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Work Assessment

Work Assessment Hours

The 2022/2023 Season tab is active. A lot has changed, please read below.

The assessment worksheet has been updated through 1/03/23 5:00pm.

In order to get credit for work assessment, you must submit your hours online by...

  • Clicking on the green bar above on this page that says "CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT ASSESSMENT HOURS" and fully fill out the form.
  • OR by going to the Homepage, scroll on the right side of the page to find and click on the blue square icon/logo that says "Hockey Goes On...because of you. Submit your hours today!" and fully fill out the form.

(Note: watch out for auto-fill as it can accidentally fill in the form incorrectly with your address instead of name. Upon submission of the form you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email you did not enter your email address correctly.)

The spreadsheet is updated Monthly to reflect hours from the previous month.  There are two key hours categories to take note of:

  • [NEW] Required Rink Operations hours (orange categories). You must work 50% of your total required hours (column C) in the orange categories. 
    • Column 'Y' will tell you how many of these types of hours you have worked.
    • Column 'Z' will tell you if you've achieved your 50% mark...or if you still have more to do. 
    • Column 'AC' will tell you exactly how many more of these types of hours you have yet to work. 
    • Note: Column 'AC' is a subset of your total required hours to work for the season. 
  • Carry Over hours: The purple categories are hours that are considered carry over hours.  Once you fulfill all your required hours (with proper mix of Rink Ops Hours + Non-Rink Ops hours), any leftover hours that come from purple categories could be considered carry over for the next season.

For the season you will want to focus on columns 'AC' and 'AE'. How to read those two columns together:

  • Example: If you have 20 hours that need to be worked yet in the 'Rink Operations' column 'AC' (orange categories) and column 'AE' has 30 hours remaining to be worked as a total....that means you must work 20 in the 'Rink Operations' orange categories and 10 more hours in any category (which could also be in 'Rink Ops' or anything else)...which then would get you to that 30 hours remaining.

Hours that are not worked (any hours in the Bright Red column 'AE' in the spreadsheet) will require payment ($30/hr not worked).


Do not assume that someone else will submit your hours for you...always submit your own hours unless explicitly told someone is submitting on your behalf. 

Beth Hanutke

Work Assessment Coordinator